Wifi at Rock Bottom: Something About Meth Release Details

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So there will be three different ways to purchase WiFi at Rock Bottom: Something About Meth book. I wanted to make sure there were some great options to fit the type of reader you are and also create something special. I feel like this will be the only book I write and I wanted to at least release it Continue reading Wifi at Rock Bottom: Something About Meth Release Details

Statement on Damion Looney

So I thought i would be able to ignore speaking on this situation and the chaos that erupted in the aftermath of the shocking crime Damion Looney is faced with. The emails and comments are getting hard to control and redundant to reply to. Freedom of speech is something I am all for but in recent days I find that it’s something I have to censor in order to keep things with my brand true to the art I try to create. Saddle Above the Axle was the first time I decided I would and could do this film-making thing. I always said it was an accident that I even made a documentary. I was out learning how to use a camera and camera techniques and playing with the idea of making cinematic style trailers. One day I decided to go to the Wichita Skate Park downtown and shoot footage with this vague idea to make a story about the skatepark. I was shooting and a guy came to me and asked what I was shooting for and if I was a scout. I told him no I am a “filmmaker” looking to do a story on the skatepark. I asked if I could interview him and he had zero problem with it. I took the camera and asked his name  and age and he said “I am Damion Looney 26 years old from Kansas…” From there he told me a story about Continue reading Statement on Damion Looney

The Pulse of the Caveman

I think its about to be roughly a year from when I first met David Rickels and it has been one of the most amazing growths I have seen in a person. Its funny how he has contrasted Amancha from Wifi at Rock Bottom. As she has struggled with surviving addiction and rehab  David has been on this path of just being better moment by moment. I came into his world at a  time when Continue reading The Pulse of the Caveman

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New Productions or New pROWEductions…

Quick Updates

So Wifi at Rock Bottom : Book is seeing alot of success and I thank all of you for the kind words, conversations, and purchases. In an effort to stay honest I have to say I am not as pleased with the roll out as I wanted to be. So I am going to relaunch the book promotion and hopefully all of you who enjoyed it will begin to see more exposure for it as I know many of you have said that Continue reading New Productions or New pROWEductions…

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