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In Production 5.1 : Beware Caveman

So this is the first official entry about this project. Any up for some back story ??? At this point I dont think I remember why I started this project. I think the plan was just to do a sports piece. I had  been doing some many heavy pieces with hard subject matter that I wanted to just do something that wasn’t so Continue reading


Some updates …

First and foremost thank you to everyone who has seen and will watch my documentary short WiFi at Rock Bottom : Something About Meth about Amancha Coon of Kansas and her battle with drug abuse and addiction to crystal meth. The feedback has been amazing! I never expected for Continue reading

Looks like someone has been missing…

In my time away from updating you might know what I have been working on. Wifi at Rock Bottom : Something About Meth has been such an experience. I can honestly say I have never put so much into a project. From the production to the business aspect, I have done so much to ensure the best presentation possible.  The documentary release for streaming , DVD, and book are all being handled to Continue reading


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