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Watch Beware Caveman : David Rickels (Part 1) NOW!!

Watch Beware Caveman : David Rickels  (Part 1) Click Here

and dont forget to enter the contest to win autographed Everlast gloves by David “Caveman” Rickels along with other goodies by his major sponsors Good Luck and thanks for watching!

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Recap : Beware Caveman : David Rickels Teasers

Recap of all teasers from Beware Caveman : David Rickels  coming  October 15th 2014.  Watch and find out how to win a pair of autographed pair of Everlast gloves by the Caveman along with other goodies!

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Beautiful Mistakes Film Night


Sorry but I am mobile at the moment but this film event is screening Wifi at Rock Bottom :Something About Meth tonight! In my home town of Dallas. Well just outside of Dallas in Plano. Very exciting! Now I know many of you can’t attend and that’s okay because the event has offered live streaming of the event so if you have time kick back watch some films live at home and when it’s said and done vote for your favorite as this is won and chosen by the audience voting in attendance and at home. I have to run but below are all the details for streaming. I appreciate the support!

Beautiful Mistakes Film Event LiveStream Page:

Direct Ustream page:

Facebook event for LiveStream:

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In Production 5.3 : Beware Caveman

As I finish up part one of “Beware Caveman”  I am realizing there is one character in the cast of interviews that just standouts the most for me. Everyone has their own flavor about them and have speaking crutches that I try to edit in a way that does not become a headache for the viewers. I try to build up segments so that those personality work for the given section while Caveman drives the vehicle in which they speak. Talking to Joe “the Nose” Wilk is like talking to Continue reading


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