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In Production 5.2 : Beware Caveman

The excitement of creating this piece Beware Caveman is starting to take hold of me.  I have been spending endless hours looking over footage to get that perfect sequence that helps move the store of the Caveman along. Its not exactly easy to do. In several of my other pieces they have been usually told from the single character perspective and in this I am trying to Continue reading

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In Production 5.1 : Beware Caveman

So this is the first official entry about this project. Any up for some back story ??? At this point I dont think I remember why I started this project. I think the plan was just to do a sports piece. I had  been doing some many heavy pieces with hard subject matter that I wanted to just do something that wasn’t so Continue reading


Some updates …

First and foremost thank you to everyone who has seen and will watch my documentary short WiFi at Rock Bottom : Something About Meth about Amancha Coon of Kansas and her battle with drug abuse and addiction to crystal meth. The feedback has been amazing! I never expected for Continue reading


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