Watch Now! Beware Caveman : David Rickels Part 2

Watch Now! Beware Caveman : David Rickels Part 2 – The Last 48

We have arrived to the final installment of Beware Caveman. The Last 48 covers the 48 hours surrounding the David Rickels vs Davi Ramos fight at Bellator 130 October 24th. David gets to control the camera as we follow him during his weight cut session the day before the fight. With additional perspective with his training partner Joe Wilk with additional cameo from fellow JMTK member Cody Carillio both of whom were also fighting on the Bellator 130 card. Whats a Caveman fight without a little controversy? Davids fight was the greatest fight on the card and didn’t get to air on either SpikeTV or Bellator broadcast that night but we are able to bring you the fight in its entirety along with his walkout. The Caveman walkouts are always amazing and thanks to fan submissions it will not be missed. After you watch Beware Caveman : David Rickels Part 2 – The Last 48 be sure to scroll further and watch the fight in full with exclusive audio from the Caveman’s cornerman Joe Wilk! It was an exciting ride hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching!

Watch Beware Caveman : David Rickels (Part 1) NOW!!

Watch Beware Caveman : David Rickels  (Part 1) Click Here

and dont forget to enter the contest to win autographed Everlast gloves by David “Caveman” Rickels along with other goodies by his major sponsors Good Luck and thanks for watching!

arowe films presents beware caveman david rickels part 1

time to talk about the next things…

wifi at rock bottom : something about meth book cover
Been a while?!!? Many things have happened. Things better served as its own announcement but has to do with a few ideas to develop with one including David the Caveman Rickels of Beware Caveman. Cant wait to begin the “In development” post about them as I am sure it will catch some eyes. Ok that was vague enough so lets move on.

I am lucky to not be so jaded by the form and structure of doing things the right way. I get to Continue reading time to talk about the next things…

Recap : Beware Caveman : David Rickels Teasers

Recap of all teasers from Beware Caveman : David Rickels  coming  October 15th 2014.  Watch and find out how to win a pair of autographed pair of Everlast gloves by the Caveman along with other goodies!


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