In Production 1.1

I finally decided to change the name of “Ghost of Grind” to “Saddle Above the Axle”. I originally went with ghost of grind because it was intended to be a skateboard documentary and over the Wichita Skate Park but while filming things changed. Now Saddle Above the Axle is the official title. Now I need to complete the post production of the film. Easier said than done. I’m over the half way mark and decide to recut parts of it. Dealing with BMX as a sport there is a desire to just show stunts than tell a story. I was becoming guilty of making a stunt movie than a short film. To solve that issue I recut to make storytelling more concise and using tricks as the filling. If the crust is good the pie will take care of itself. This is my first film so I  have to make sure I am giving effort in telling the story instead of filling the time.

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