In Production 1.2

Film : Saddle Above the Axle

So today more cut and edit, cut and edit, cut and edit , cut and edit , cuss and idiot… Today I may have gain a new respect for the editor. Im not  surprised its alot of work but one thing people may not think about is that 2 minutes of film can add up to 4 hours of work. Maybe its the documentary work tho. Nothing is planned in this style of shooting  so you can find yourself  watching hours of footage all for 5 seconds of time. Looking for that one shot to fill a couple of frames to make one section have continuity. For “Saddle Above..” I am working on this one section where I have great shots but the lighting is bad. Well, maybe it isn’t bad but the way I have graded the doc some of the darker shots are DARK and some of the correcting is exposing the grain. Its pretty cool looking but if I am going to leave it I want to make sure its in a good taste and looks purposeful and not lazy. This film is my first film that I filmed so there is alot of things learned in the moment and after the moment. In this unpredictable genre you have to figure out how to be in front of the actions and for Christ SAKE keep the camera rolling….

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