In Production 1.3

Film : Saddle Above the Axle

I have decided that with my first film experience I want to do the responsible thing and do things the right way. When I started working on Saddle Above  all i wanted to do is work on my skills and master my tools. I wanted to go around the City of Wichita and film things and make it look like a legit movie opening sequence. so I took all these establishing shots and came home and cut it up with excitement. So with all this footage I am thinking ok I need music. At the time I had just discovered this band the Menahan Street Band and there was a song on their album that was just the right mood so I plugged it in. Well I came up with this bad ass intro and wanted to build on to it and thats how this thing really took off. Now i have documentary in progress and a song  that I don’t have the rights too. So earlier today I contacted the publishing office of the Menahan Street Band for approval and use of the song in the opening sequence. I cant even imagine this film without the song in the begin but if not looks like I will be getting in the studio and producing a song that will work. The rest of the film contains songs clearances since I became aware that you don’t want to get your pants sued off all for 30 seconds of sound. So much little things need to be done or watched out for just so people can see your work with out the sweat of a lawyer writing a letter saying you messed up. Wish me luck!!! I have hit a stride with the Film and fairly close to wrapping it up. I have to start to thinking about how to close it out and what music to use for the credits .

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