Pre-Production Scouting

At  some point I know I will finish “Saddle Above the Axle” and I should think about the poster artwork at some junction but now I must think about the next installment of this series. I have touched basis with what I think I want my next subject to be. I am thinking it will be a barbershop doc. I am still developing what angle to go with if the owner is down with helping create a vision. I think its new barbershop and on the come up so I am hoping to strike oil and catch the circumstance to start filming in. Just thinking about it  this will help me get a chance to tell that small business story I have been wanting to dig my teeth into. I decided to step away from Saddle Above for a bit to get fresh eyes on it.  I am hitting that mark where I am getting exhausted but I am reaching the point where the finish line is within sight. The goal is to at least make it into the Wichita Tallgrass Film Fest and the early bird entry deadline is in April. If I can get Saddle done and at least another documentary short I think I will be ok with putting two films into submission. These are local stories I am telling so thats why I let TallGrass Film Fest be that aim but not the only shot.

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