Trim and Fade : Day 1

Recently I went to the Image Source Barbershop to have a brief meeting with  Tyrell and pre interview and something organic just kind of happened. We were discussing some of the goals of the shop what Tyrell true mission is and so in… All content that may show up in the film. Mostly i wanted to get a feel for sound acoustics and how i want things to look visually. So we wrapped up the interview and then this guy walks in with a friend looking for a hair cut. Well this was a day the shop is normally closed but Tyrell obliged. It’s the beauty of a small business owner. You can take care of the people who put food on your table directly. So the cat had something very entertaining about his personality and had no problem being filmed. I got the consent and just let ab impromptu moment happen. Now this was about an hour haircut entertaining the whole time but as I came back to the compound to see footage i wanted to use all of it in the film. But in a short film you are limited to about 40 minutes max so i decided to create a behind the scenes feature series to compliment the film called “Walk Ins Welcome”. This way I could use some of the awesome content and stories and not be confined to building around them. Here is volume 1 enjoy:


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