Building like a builder

Currently I use a custom built diy fig rig for my camera and I love this thing. In writing this short film I’m working on all I can think about is the shooting style. For a while I have want to update my rig to be easier to handle as I add more parts to it. So my current project is a shoulder rig that can hold the camera and the lens adapter. This in itself is pretty heave so I want to use light weight materials but still be sturdy. I have a few ideas using pvc and some metal hardware sheets. Also there is a scene I want to do that pulls away to the heavens from the ground so I know I need a job. The jib part is simple enough to do but I want a tilting jib I can pull from tripod. This is the most ambitious feat of them all because if it goes wrong.. Boom broken camera. So we will see. I’m making a parts list now but have began drafting my ideas for the shoulder rig let you know how it goes because I want to use it for filming Trim and Fade to get an idea for its practical use.

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