In Production 1.4

Film : Saddle Above the Axle

Well I heard back from the representation of  Menahan Street Band and I can say I was surprised at the cost for the record I wanted which I think was a very fair price but also a price I don’t think I can manage but it was great to go through the process  of getting a song cleared for use. I think that if you are going to make an attempt at doing anything go figure out the experiences of each piece so that you get an appreciation for the process and how needed these processes are or unneeded for that matter. alot of times we pass the buck because we cant be bothered.  I am not that guy. One thing I can say is that as far as sequence goes with my re-cut “Saddle above…” is complete. There is still alot of fine tuning I want to do to the edit and I figured out a good was to make some of the darker scenes appear intentional and as least distracting as possible. There is still debate on cutting a few more seconds to the opening scene but  its kind of its own act that I am not going to make a big to-do about it just yet since I am still deciding the music on that part. I am still leveling some of the sound out  to make sure the clarity is perfect and the music  is all at a sweet-spot. Nearing completion of  my first short documentary feels great especially for all the work it takes! Directors get alot of credit for the work they do but the unsung hero is the editor. Editing can kick your tail but its well worth it  when its the difference of success and failure of the message  or intent of the scene. This film is no longer a “stunty” looking film but more of an experience  driven film.

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