In Production 1.5

Film : Saddle Above The Axle

Finally! I can say that all post production work on Saddle Above The Axle is complete along with proper clearances. Nothing is left to do. Now that I say that I bet there is going to be 300 more things needing done now. But I did end up replacing some music unfortunately. Some of the clearance prices was out of my league so I had to go with best practice. Personally I found my self attached to the song and I feel like the change does something different with the overall tone of the scene but i am still pleased nonetheless. I had an issue with an incidental logo that seem like a convenient product placement in the way it ended up in the scene but I was able to get cleared to use the logo so there you go for a free advertisement. I have been considering a trailer for the short although it kind seems unneeded since it is a short but a 30 second something could help at the very least in having a full package in visual production. We shall see… So now it’s time to get the specs together for submission to the Film Festivals. I don’t want to be the guy with the poor quality video being seen by hundreds to thousands of people on a 45 foot screen.. So that’s the new obsession and looking for near perfection. Anywho this entry is from my phone so excuses any error I may have over looked. Until next time

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