Production Catch Up

Well I have been missing in action but no big deal , right? So as you may know Im working on the series of film short docs and in trying to get that done you run into alot of challenges. First being time but that no big deal quality over quanity. So in this time I have just been working on cleaning up my process , audio quality, and filming technique. The goal is to always be better than the last thing you have done.  You may have seen the 8mm test footage done. That was me trying out a different lens plus also a different post production style and learn some tricks.

Another challenging I have faced is finding the right subject to feature  in the next 2 in the series. Damion from Saddle Above and Tyrell from Trim and Fade have been great and as filming has completed for trim and fade I know i have to lock in subject 3 and 4 fairly sooon to keep things in motion. I have playing it close to the chest with where I am going with the next subject and i want to do this subject so bad but every time i found a person thats fits they drop out for their own reason but i know i will get that one person with the story i want to tell. I will shed more light in the coming days  about that subject so book mark this conversation.

Today was an awesome filming day at Image Source Barbershop for TRim and Fade. I captured that feel of what a barbershop is in the urban community. Many cast of characters and topics and energy and …. It was great. Another piece from the BTS walk ins welcomed will be put togeher fairly soon. WIW has caught fire online and people enjoy seeing this cultural location known as the barbershop especially if you are on the outside looking in.

More to come off to edit!

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