aMC #4 : Carnage

In this edition of aRowe Movie Club a picked a small film with big names.  Roman Polanski’s Carnage  starring  Jodie Foster,  John C. Reilly, Kate Winslet, and Christoph Waltz is a small one location film about two parents trying to iron out an incident that happen between their sons. This is a film for people who like acting . Its a build up that that depends strongly on the story and the actors ability to deliver. In this film its done with perfection. I really think its something parents would enjoy as one can relate to walking that fine line of being aggressive and passive. For me I enjoy the swerve that comes from this and the very realistic tone and script . Its somewhat dirty and unorganized feeling but as it develops its pulled together in a way that only Polanski can execute.

Find it in your Netflix queue

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