Side Bar Thoughts…

Feels like I film more than i have time to edit. I want to make some upgrades to my editing lab along with equipment ideas but finding the time and brain energy to do is tough. I find out organization helps a lot. Who knew having an agenda would go so far. There is alot of good news to come but I am one to wait on those kinda announcements to make them part of a larger presentation. I have been trying to figure out ways to build a more comfortable hand held rig as I have not been a fan of buying ready mounts opting to build up my own contraptions myself. I find it better to do the thing that fits me than the thing that works for others. I actually use a video camera and not a DSLR for shooting. Most things in the market are catered to that part of film making so I have adjusted to do my own thing. I do have it on my wish list as I plan to add an extra camera to my arsenal but getting the editing studio upgraded is where my mind is at.

I enjoy the delightful emails and communications i receive about the work I am putting out ( and Im often asked about how to see some of the short documentaries I have finished. In the coming days I will officially announce a couple of dates for screening events online. If you are reading this you should have zero problem being able ot watch or be apart of the event. I plan to keep it easy and as simple as possible to watch and share with others . I want to make it some what a unique experience.

Currently I am working on many different things, many of which are documentary shorts.  These are pretty dark and maybe hard to watch but hopefully I do my part in executing a film that holds you in enough that you dont run from it. We are talking adult entertainment, drugs , domestic violence , and addiction to name of few topics. With this I am also working a very special documentary that I will detail more on but you can find teasers on it on the aRowe Films Facebook page. Also I am editing together a reality discussion web series I have not titled it yet but will be coming soon as the filming is complete and I need to come up with a way to package it…

A Vlog is coming soon in a few days …later aRowe Heads

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