In Production 3.1 : #teamlaurad

At this point I have filmed my fair share of projects in my short run as a filmmaker and  you would think all mistakes I could make now would be minor. Leaving a lens or a battery pack or maybe forgetting to charge the field monitor battery before filming…At this point I wish that was the mistake I had made. Nope! Story TIME!

So I had a filming session for my next short documentary about Laura Dalphini (more on that later). Im getting some of the best shooting I have done in the open field that I have ever done. She is in the gym getting it. Iron is moving and clanking all around. The sounds of others working out pushing that last rep and moans are in the air. Personal trainers pushing their clients to the extra brink of exhaustion. the atmosphere is amazing  and I am capturing it. Filming the twitch of the arm from weight reps. Shots of Lauras face as she push that extra bit framed in and out of focus. Filming the conversations  and interactions she has with her trainer Dallas in the Genesis Club gym. All this captured in the can. well almost everything….As I power down to review some of the footage and audio I notice the worst of all bone head mistakes. I load down my camera and break it down to bag up. All good. I un mic the lav off of laura shirt to make sure it had not broken during the work out  from sweat. All good. I check the strap the device I use to make the Zoom 1 portable on her as she worked out. All Good. I check the memory card to see if the audio captured. All Not Good!! at this moment I noticed the H1 was locked on but not recording . 2Hour filming session gone! for nothing ! great video in the can no audio to show for it!

I strayed from what I normally do. I usually double mic. Shotgun on the camera lav on the main subject. That way if something goes wrong I have back up audio or if I want to mesh two types of audio and dialogue I have both. In this case I decided to make things easier and omit the shotgun mic and run solely off the lav mic since trainers are usually close in. Making things easier made things wrong. I have on board camera audio but thats hardly any good use..Ill maybe use it as white noise who knows. But I at least have two hours of B-Roll…

#teamlaurad more details soon

mehh here are some stills to show for…

Image19 Image14 Image16 Image12 Image13

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