In Production 3.2 : #teamlaurad

Have I mentioned the newest documentary I am working on?? In the midst of making some structural changes to aRowe Films and the website I have been filming my latest documentary. Its one of the most thought provokingImage23 things I have worked on. Not in the sense that you will get something deep out of it  but in the sense that there is a juxtaposition at play. There is this dueling figure  between self awareness and self perception. Its something we all do but never take the chance to develop a philosophy behind this internal battle. With this new piece apart of the Wichita docu-series called #TeamLauraD, I think in some form there is a philosophy that can be developed from some of the events in Laura’s life. At this point I have yet to do my main interview. I have decided to try a different approach to the creative process. Instead of going with a more comfortable directorial approach I opted to get a feeling for what will be the intentional backdrop of the film. Thanks the good people of Genesis Health Club, I have been able to film Laura within the gym as she interacts with the others in the gym, get pushed by trainers, and have a few very intimate moments of self determination. The voice of this film is very intimate and I must admit that i am doing some of my best cinematography work to date. I pride myself on not getting in between the natural habits of my subjects and letting them live their life without requesting any deliberate actions. As a filmmaker take are everything and repeating actions is a very necessary evil. Well the best thing about the gym is REPS!. more reps means more shorts more shots means a very happy filmmaker!

More to Come and I promise to talk more about this project.

oh P.S. with some of the changes I had to make lately for  personal and legal reasons Some of the planned screenings were pushed back and will be rescheduled . It was the best thing to do but I will do my best to update on the screening events when its more solid and set in stone.

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