Beautiful Day Cafe Project

New project I am currently editing. Nothing major in terms of full production piece but it is something. Its a crowd sourcing commercials for a new restaurant seeking additional funds to complete renovation of the space in order to open sometime in the next year. What happens for me filming these things usually its easy to disconnect your self and just do a job and get it over with but for me its a learning process. On top of learning  a bit more about my tools I also learn alot about my subject. I think one important thing about doing documentary  is learning how to listen as you work. Not getting caught in the work but actually learning how to hear for things that you find interesting but also things the viewer may want a bit of.

I always get a kick out of the subject once  they know the camera is going . They always have that nervous jitter. Its such a mental thing because nothing has changed about the meeting other than me saying ok the camera is rolling and just like that nerves hit . I at times like to just let them have their way at being nervous to see if they will fight out of themselves and then I will jump into a take over.

As soon as Char from Beautiful Day Cafe gives me the green light I will let you guys see the promo piece. This entry as been a start and stop because Im sick at the moment and have been finishing the edit at the same time. Now its done and I am emailing her to see what she thinks till then here are a few screens.

Image61 Image60 Image59 Image58

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