Wifi at Rock Bottom Screenshot 3

In Production 4.1 : Wifi at Rock Bottom

Today I finally filmed a piece that I thought would never get done. Its the first of my human experience pieces I hope to finish. Earlier this year I talked about wanting to shoot a piece about someone I knew that was addicted to meth. I honestly figured that if it had not happened within a given amount of time that she would be dead from the effects of the drug.  When I first thought to do this piece she was hard on the drug . She had lost everything  friends, family, car, job ,etc etc. But she had wifi.. the first thing she said to me was “did you know there is wi-fi at rock bottom?”. Like many of you reading this I was lost. I didnt understand but as she revealed to me how she was struggling with addiction she found a silver lining in the losing of everything and that was having wifi service on her phone. Ever day I wanted to film she went missing. At first I was upset but then I thought well maybe she died or something. Maybe I should reserve my feeling until i hear back. 3 months later I get an email saying she was entering rehab. At that point she was more willing to do this film as she thought it would help others. Set another date ….poof!….then another month goes and I get an email. ” I relapsed” THis film became a race. I wanted to get this filmed more than any project I had done. I dont know why but I think it was because I find these personal stories of hard times more sexy.

Today it finally is in the can and shot.

It wasnt easy. As I changed my gear bag to my upgraded stuff  I found that I forgot extra AA batteries. AA batteries is such a small thing that means alot. I found out early enough in the interview so i was able to get some before we got too far along. I also forget a small but important part of my rigging that i use to carry the camera . Then we had issues with filming locations. I was determined to get this thing shot and canned. Now for the editing . Teaser coming soon !

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