Pre-Production : Carr Brothers and the Wichita Massacre

Well well well…..

So at the moment I am at the final stage of WiFi at Rock Bottom : Something about Meth documentary. I have halted all work to focus on this because of the unique interest the documentary  has gained. There are still release plans for the other but I dont want to many distractions as I finish this production up. The book is about 3 chapters from completion and then will go into formatting for ebook and softcover copies. This one will be big! Don’t get me wrong, I cant call aRowe Films a production company and not make sure we are handling the duties of some of the other projects and potential ones. This update is not so much about the prodcution of WiFi at Rock Bottom : Something about Meth as much is it about formally announcing the plan for aRowe Films first featured length documentary.

I talked about it in the last video blog and through alot of debate and very very interesting emails I have decided that I will start the process in seeking funding to produce the documentary on the Wichita Massacre.

The Wichita Massacre is about a crime spree that decades after the Clutter Family Murders and even the BTK Murders. In 2000, Reginald and Jonathon Carr went in to a home  surprisingly not under the influence of drugs and alcohol and terrorized a group of 5 young adults committing sex crimes, robbery,  torture, and animal cruelty. Yes, they killed a dog. This crime end with them taking their victims to a Wichita soccer field in a snowy December shooting all five in the head and running them over. One survived. Currently Reginald and Jonathon are on Death Row and has appealed for a new trial.

Just talking about doing this film has been met with very angry emails and controversial statements by commentators. A story like this that seem very black and white ended up having enough gray area that I want to tell this story and get it done so that this piece of true crime history has enough  story that can compliment Truman Capote’s “in Cold Blood” novel on the Clutter Family of Kansas. I will be seeking donors and anyone who wants to be apart of Executive Producing this but I will also consider a crowd funding option. I think I can make this film and get it out there under a decent number.

There are some conditions I have placed on getting this done and will not ask for any donations until i can lock in those conditions. I dont want any one to donate and the film does not at least get started. More details to come but first thing first  lets finish WiFi at Rock Bottom!!!

Hope you guys have also enjoyed some of the other videos I have posted with the teasers from WiFi at Rock Bottom and some from a Charity Car show sponsored by Starbird and Devlin Custom Rods. Anyhow I have some work to do ! Go like us on Facebook and follow on twitter : aRoweFilms.

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