Some updates …

First and foremost thank you to everyone who has seen and will watch my documentary short WiFi at Rock Bottom : Something About Meth about Amancha Coon of Kansas and her battle with drug abuse and addiction to crystal meth. The feedback has been amazing! I never expected for WiFi at Rock Bottom to be welcomed so quickly.  Not only has it received positive responses from film lover but current and former addicts have express their love for the execution of the topic  which is very moving as a filmmaker. Its not over just yet! I am happy to say I am very close to finishing the book. Authoring a book has been one of the most challenging things I have ever done. At times I can not tell if i am babbling or taking a unique journey to a good point or anecdote. Soon you all will know :-)… In all honesty I expected the book for WiFi at Rock Bottom to be done by now but as I near completion it has been increasingly difficult to get the perfect flow to the end. It will happen for sure. I have been invited to a nice amount of Film Festivals and as those dates near I will let you all know so that maybe many of you will get the big screen experience. Continue to share and tell friends about the film as every view is important to an indie filmmaker.

So whats new?

I should speak on the Carr Brothers documentary I want to make right?? Wellllllll lets just say dealing with a story about an on going case sets up a number of roadblocks  that’s difficult to get pass due to the nature of legal issues. These roadblocks cause for the production of that piece if it happens to be slow motion. So that is the best I can say  about that film. I do not want to can it but it may not move as quick as expected.

That doesn’t stop the work though!!!

Currently in production is a project I am very excited about. Its a sports documentary with local Kansas celebrity and Bellator Mixed Martial Artist David “Caveman” Rickels. Its a two part documentary series or docu-series about Cavemans next big fight for Bellator MMA at the Kansas Star Arena and Casino in Wichita, Kansas on SpikeTvTry  24/7 meets Rocky 2. We are currently in production so the next in production series on the site will be all about Beware Caveman docu-series.

Also I will be posting series of videos and photos from a promotional piece I did with Woman’s Bodybuilder and Physique Competitor Lisett Rodriguez . When you see her body and the hard work she puts into the gym you will certainly inspired to get in the gym and put in some work! It was an awesome site to see such a small frame push so much weight. She was just weeks from competing for her professional NPC bodybuilding card and was in pique condition. Video soon !

I’m going to leave it here and again thanks for all the support many more fascinating stories are on the way. You are watching this thing build up and hopefully I do not disappoint!


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