In Production 5.1 : Beware Caveman

So this is the first official entry about this project. Any up for some back story ??? At this point I dont think I remember why I started this project. I think the plan was just to do a sports piece. I had  been doing some many heavy pieces with hard subject matter that I wanted to just do something that wasn’t somuch about the human experience  and just do something easy.

That didn’t exactly work out. I had just shot Lisett Rodriguez a womens physique bodybuilder and competitor and wanted to do one more because it was such a fun experience to shoot and edit. I remember watching a fight on SpikeTV featuring a fighter in the main event name David Rickels and he was shouting out Derby, Kansas. Actually let me back up, earlier that day people were asking me was I going home to watch “the fight” and as a boxing fan I was confused because fights happened on Saturday nights. So I go home and there is nothing on so I tune to the Bellator MMA fights and this guy is coming out with a club big beard and shouting Derby. Derby is a town just outside of Wichita, Kansas so I was very familiar. The crowd was going insane for him and the fight was at the Kansas Star Casino and Arena which is also right out side of Wichita. Crowd was going wild and when he lost  you could hear a pin drop but the crowd still supported him through the closing interview.

I wanted to reach out to him and do a story but I was in the middle of Wifi At Rock Bottom : Something About Meth and didnt need any distractions. So months go by WiFi is done and out there for people to watch and film fest and I am looking for projects. I go and try to find him on instagram and reach out to try just doing a video of him. Ok im going to wrap this story up to fast forward and save some of the anecdotal stuff for later. Dave and myself get together with even a mutual friend vouching for me to shoot and the whole environment was crazy. I have never shot something so fast paced. I realized maybe I’m out side my comfort zone but thats what I like. I like to feel like I am not ready so I have a place to learn and adjust. I took the footage home to review and looking at the interaction with other fighters I was thinking this is pretty cool and different. That is the moment I began thinking maybe I should do something with this more than the quick 2 minute piece I had planned.

So now we have a two part documentary series  in the works and something amazing in store more to come ….

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