In Production 5.2 : Beware Caveman

The excitement of creating this piece Beware Caveman is starting to take hold of me.  I have been spending endless hours looking over footage to get that perfect sequence that helps move the store of the Caveman along. Its not exactly easy to do. In several of my other pieces they have been usually told from the single character perspective and in this I am trying to do something a little out of the box from the way I normally intend to tell stories. Its a bit of a challenge but part one Is almost done. I decided to take a bit of a break as the stress has began to catch up with me. I do not have alot of time left to get this wrapped up and ready to present to the public but as always these things have a way of getting done!

One thing is for sure I believe we take advantage of what the end result is when it comes to sports. As a big boxing fan I always felt like a boxer could go fight anytime and be prepared to go to war. Why are we waiting months and months down the line for a fight night? Watching the beginning of Cavemans camp to where he is today is like  watching evolution happen. One of the first lines of trash talk he said to the camera was “Caveman is back! 2.0! Evolution!” and he delivered every bit of that.

Alot of what I do is tell the stories I am interested in. I want to see how it works because it fascinates me. I have a true curiosity of those things we do not see in real time. Watching a fighter prepare for will be one night to put a whole career on the line is amazing. 6 days a week of physical training for 8 to 10 weeks  all for what will be 30 minutes of work at worst! I remember the first day of shooting thinking man he looks gassed and exhausted and now as I type this and reflect back on the last day of shooting he looks incredible and ready to go and he still has about 4 weeks more of training until fight night!

Another thing about shooting this is how honest every one is. If Caveman wins the belt he may not pay for another meal in this town for a while but he is such a regular guy. The people around him do not treat him like a megastar  he is just David. The city loves him. If you mention his name they all will say oh yea the Caveman. He does not have sycophants surrounding him. Everyone either wants to see him do well or helping him be better. When talking about his loses its all very candid and not trying to make excuses or be glowing about the situations. I cant wait to give part one to you guys as of now I am editing the segments about the loss to “Pitbull” which I think will have everyone pretty pumped for the fight October 24th..stay tuned!

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