In Production 5.3 : Beware Caveman

As I finish up part one of “Beware Caveman”  I am realizing there is one character in the cast of interviews that just standouts the most for me. Everyone has their own flavor about them and have speaking crutches that I try to edit in a way that does not become a headache for the viewers. I try to build up segments so that those personality work for the given section while Caveman drives the vehicle in which they speak. Talking to Joe “the Nose” Wilk is like talking to a media pro. Every thing was fluid making my job easy. What ever I asked he took it and built a house. It was a thing of beauty. I hate that I cant use all of the footage because the way he spoke of Caveman and the whole atmosphere around being apart of training camp and being his cornerman really painted a picture that you can visualize without being there. The parts I did use of him were great  with a very priceless moment that you cant script if you wanted to. A big laugh for sure!

I also had the opportunity to watch them train together which was artful in itself. There was something about watching them train that was somewhat like watching a machine put together a car with precision. I watched Caveman train multiple weeks doing sparing and ground work and some pads but when it came to him and Joe when one said the count it was fluid no matter how complex. I guess I should mention Joe is also on the fight card with David October 24th in what they are calling the Bellator Double Feature. The way they train you would think is just too much for something that does not last long but, if the other guy is training just one minute longer that one minute can give the competitive edge that makes the difference.

arowe films presents beware caveman david rickels screenshot  46

There was a moment when  David walked in the room while interviewing Joe and the timing was insane and likely this part will not make the doc since we never acknowledged that David was there …let me say this at no part of any other interview was David around so there was not any pressure for anyone to be friendly about what they said….but  David walks in during a part where we are talking about how to move on after a devastating loss and Joe all of a sudden seem to hit a switch where what he was saying about Caveman seem to really hit the heart.  You can see him looking over at David as he spoke but David was rustling through boxes or something not really paying the interview to much mind.  It was a nice moment that I might not use in the doc but will find a way to give it to the fans. The one thing I love about this whole thing is the honesty. When making a documentary the big thing for me is to know that they subjects believe what they are  saying. I do not care if I agree with it or if its true or not, I just want to feel like they believe in it.

I don’t know … I actually just had a brain fart and forgot where I was going with this post… mehhh Ill end it here this is a little progress of where my head is at. Whats insane is that this thing was only suppose to be like 13 minutes for one part and 20 minutes for part 2. Part 1 is on target for a half hour piece. There is the plan and then there is the plan that is one the floor. l hope to announce a release date sometime this week I am hesitant because I am editing the segment that is the whole reason I wanted to do this doc right now and if I get it right in the next couple of days  Beware Caveman will be ready to wrap up into the credits. More to come dun dun dunnnn..

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