Lets talk about Wifi at Rock Bottom the book

So Wifi at Rock Bottom Something About Meth  documentary has a book. Keeping it simple the book will be the same name as the documentary.

One thing  that has really struck me about this project different from others I have done is the connection people are having with Amancha. I get emails now on a regular basis from people who use to be addicts or current addicts going through a struggle similar to hers.  All I wanted was to make something people enjoy as a piece of art. I wanted people to say “Lester that one documentary you did with the girl on meth was really good” or ” Lester there is something I really enjoyed about how you shot the documentary thats different than what I have seen” . I never expected emails  from people telling me how hard it has been for them to seek help because they treat their addiction like a secret ever though they struggle daily with addiction. I don’t really have alot to offer other than what I did for Amancha and that is just taking the time to listen to the story and offer back the best of my opinion.

As people we are use to stereotyping in a way where word association triggers a picture. So many addicts do not look like fiends from a National Geographic expose’. Many addicts look just as “normal” as your brother and sister and are struggling bad but no one intervenes early enough to stop the addiction before it gets out of hand. Wifi at Rock Bottom : Something about Meth the documentary and the book I believe will bring even more depth to complicated nature of dealing with addiction. In the book I do not pretend to be a saint in my thoughts or actions while dealing with Amancha but I did offer an ear free of judgment and maybe that was the best I was capable of doing. April 21st you can buy the book and I invite you to discuss with me and among your friends. Sometimes we just need to start the dialogue.

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