New Productions or New pROWEductions…

Quick Updates

So Wifi at Rock Bottom : Book is seeing alot of success and I thank all of you for the kind words, conversations, and purchases. In an effort to stay honest I have to say I am not as pleased with the roll out as I wanted to be. So I am going to relaunch the book promotion and hopefully all of you who enjoyed it will begin to see more exposure for it as I know many of you have said that you wish more people know about it because it needs to be seen and read. Lucky for us the documentary continues to pick up momentum with various selections to film festivals. I will make notice of a few signing events in the near future. I have booked a date but with relaunching I might reschedule it. We shall see.

True Crime is hard! I cant wait to reveal one of my next projects but because I am still locking down some of the signatures I do not want to ruin the cooperation I am achieving with the subject. I do not know if  I will do a production blog on it because it will be a heavy piece and is still an open case. I promise you that this film if shot will be one of the most thrilling and jaw dropping pieces I will have ever made. My goal is to keep it about an half an hour short but this may end up a feature!

Beware of the Caveman!! So David Rickels and I have teamed up to do another video. This one will be not as long or detailed as before. That was me wanting to tell a story this time its all promotion. He has a fight coming up and David knew who to come to to make sure the fans know he is still up to some badassery. Caveman Evolved will be out late June before his Bellator fight June 26th! Promos to come soon but a teaser is already out to watch now! Its going to be GOOOODDDDD!

P.S Beware Caveman I may be recutting as a feature instead of a two parter. Make it Nice!

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