David Rickels presents 4 Horsemen (behind the scenes)

ok I know it has been a while and currently I am mobile so excuse the grammar in this update but I have had some great responses and questions about how I put this thing together. Also I am hard at work  for 2016 and this year will take a bit more focus and work. Very very ambitious year ahead and a new site coming soon  First up, I had to link up again with my boy David Rickels and
put out  another short promotional film. Monday we released 4 Horsemen!

Image1This one was going to be a challenge from the beginning…Dave told me this go around he would be changing camps and working out of a whole new gym and in a different state. Now I cant just get up and go to a new state for a training camp so I needed to come up with an idea that made sense. This time at Bellator 150 there would be 3  of his other training partners on the card on the preliminary show which would be the first time this  has happened for him as a star for the company. I pitched the idea to focus on the team and its trainer Andy Zerger in this film in an effort to give these guys screen time and introduce the team to his fans by using Dave as the attraction all along while not forcing dave to commit to alot of camera time. Great idea!


Image6Turns out  the week before I pitched the idea to Dave him and the trainer that made it all happen for the team for many many years had a big fallout. I was about to give up on the idea but I made an extra push by making a trailer that could maybe convince him to let it happen and what ever comes out comes out . So it worked and they mended fences in sort. 4 Horsemen introduces Chris Harris, Thai Clark, and Manny Meraz to the larger spotlight of BellatorMMA after having 3 successful matches at EFC in Wichita in front of a pack crowd, while MMA innovator Dana White of UFC, was ring side filming his new reality show “Looking For a Fight”. It also highlights Andy Zerger and JMTK the team all the fighters fight for.

Image8This would turn into my most ambitious film ever but very much needed for one of my major projects this year. I did more interviews for this project than ever before which ended up as a total of 7 hours of interview alone. It was alot of content left on the cutting room floor some I will use as extra content and some  for other projects in the works. I tried something different technically in the product as well. Inspired by the Hateful 8, I edited the whole thing like a western would have been. Giving you hard introductions in the front of the film so you know exactly who is in it, classic title cards, high vibrant technicolor, and segmented the video as chapters. I also treated each chapter like a story of its on in they way of an anthology. Alot of the raw video was tough because some of the guys are not as sharp in front of a camera so it was a bit of a work to get the edit paced well. the most important thing was story and pace because I needed people to are for the story coming up as well.

Image3One struggle was what to keep and what to cut. There were alot of great stories and drama that could have been included. I had to measure between do I put out the drama that everyone would gravitate to and walk away like wow or work harder and make a tight story for every one involved. Naturally we would say go for the drama. The problem with that is there was a natural conflict that was resolved enough to move forward. The problem was still fresh enough that a week before the fight could be distracting. Dave has always told me the biggest thing about combat sports is the mental aspect. The things I left out could effect  the fighters mentally because we choose to use these videos to promote the fight. It would have been bad for the mental aspect of the fight to lay that drama into the eyes of the public  and have them asking questions and it would be equally as bad to have him second guessing his choices. There is a story  or a scene when Andy Zerger put his heart out there about the team and opens up about the conflict between him and Dave. He had to fight through a really rough topic and attempt to keep his composure. I choose not to tell Dave about this interview because I knew he would want to see it and at the stage in his training that it happened it would be a poor choice.I will wait until after the fight when the smoke clears and they can clear the air entirely.

Image2I was asked by some why did he change fight camps and does it seem disloyal. After being around him for about 2 years now, it is my opinion that its not about loyalty its about life. This is his job. He is so good at what he does that no one notices he has one win in 4 fights (it should have been 2-2). The fans love him and he loves every bit of it. The reality of it is Dave may be afraid. Not afraid as in scared but afraid as in “if I dont do something now I may not be able to do what I love”. Image15That is not about loyalty  or love or friendship, that is a self reflecting realization. He has never told this to me  or even hinted at it but I see his friends and I see his family and all the accolades in his home and I can tell that this is about winning, work, and responsibility as a man that people depend on. I get it. People are entertained but at the end of the day its a job. There will be more clips from the doc soon but some of the heavier stuff that will make the world see what a fight family is really about will come after Dave has a chance to see it .


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