Podcasting is like….

I dont know what its like actually but I am about 24 episodes into and this week releasing an episode with up and coming rapper in Wichita Big Sam aka Samuel David. This episode I specifically wanted to be called Episode 24:44..I think its kinda clever since we spend the whole show talking about Jay Z‘s newest album entitled 4:44. It’s insane that im almost at 25 shows and its nowhere near slowing down. Working on some good sponsorship opportunities and meet and working with some dope people talking about funny, entertaining, and insightful topics. Its like the Black NPR but with an edge. Doing this every week while I work on my next dope thing.  I never knew that trying to do a real true crime doc would be so difficult but I also dont want to mess this up and I am not deep enough into it to talk about but hopefully by the end of the year more can be said. The dopest thing about the Im Kinda Famous podcast is I get to be more of myself and have fun with it . For those who have not heard it yet it is an explicit show meaning its strong content and cursing. I believe iTunes and Google Music lets you know which episodes are more family friendly but for the most part its deep content with strong language and some inappropriate laughs.

I originally was going to leave the post pretty simple but I guess I will make this the true offiical post about the podacast. As you may have noticed I decided to rework the website a bit to involved more parts and pieces. One of those parts is the podcast. The Im Kinda Famous Podcast is like a Black NPR except with bad language. I have interviews from all walks similar to Terri Gross but then I talk about pop culture and tell stories with some of my Kinda Famous Friends. I enjoy it alot but its a different version of interviews than I do when filming because im an active voice. The podcast does a video version as well just because its just smart content and I have been told people like to just watch body language and feel like they are in the room. On the blog, I plan to share more regularly the happenings with the show. The real goal is to give you content while I work on films and keep the people in the know. The show will even have conversations where I work out some ideas for projects and pull the curtain back for what happens behind the scenes. Any who keep an Eye out and watch the youtube page as alot of content drops there as well.

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