Wifi at Rock Bottom Book is getting an update!

With the success of Wifi at Rock Bottom : Something about Meth documentary over the last 2 or 3 years it has finally hit a milestone I would have never imagined. BUT first… I have to say the documentary itself was meant to be just another doc I made to do work as an aspiring filmmaker and to do something that was inspired by my self-proclaimed mentor Sean Dunn. Since it’s released, the response has been incredible! Over the last year, I have received emails and comments almost daily. I would have never expected that I would make something that could create conversation beyond what is seen for a 30-minute flick of a girl just talking. Through all channels of viewing my free to watch documentary has been seen over 1 million times. I have not done near as much promotion to deserve that but the conversation has been one that has had a life of his own. I don’t know how people find out about it and who shares it but the truth of the matter is that it has reached an audience. It has appeared in about 12 film festivals with both selections and wins. It’s not only getting wins but  WFRB is winning audience awards which for some reason means a lot more to me. It has been times I have been in film festivals and watched something win and thought to myself this other thing was so much better. I’m happy my documentary for others was that other thing.

The documentary also spawned some side projects such as the People Collector shirts. The shirts are based on a line of dialogue in the film that stayed with me so much through the editing process that I wanted to get that statement out there as a conversation piece. People who buy People Collector or see me wearing one always ask what does that mean which gives me a way to talk about my film.

wifi at rock bottom : something about meth book coverLastly, WiFi at Rock Bottom also spawned a book and in that, you get a response to some of the early success of the film as well as full reveal and truth about making this film from my perspective and as well the full day to day to logs on Amancha becoming a meth addict. This book was slow to sell at first  and then randomly it was picked up by a social services group to help addiction, then a community college picked up for its social work program, then I got an order from Germany, and granted I have not sold thousands of thousands of books but seeing who is buying them and from where is amazing for a self published book. The number one thing I get asked from all this is how is she doing and where is she now? I never wanted to talk about it because her life was developing and based on my research it’s hard for an addict to stay clean when it comes to meth and I didn’t want to leave people with a place of comfort on her story. I wanted them to continue to think about her and look at her like she is one of their own. I stayed vague when answering. Then it was one film festival I went to that was playing WFRB and at the end, there was a standing ovation and I sent her a picture of it that left Amancha in tears and I knew I needed to update the book and write the follow-up and finally complete it with an aftermath. I am no author but I guess I am now.

With this 3 or so year journey with both the documentary and film I knew it was time to reveal what she is going through. If I am being honest I would love to have it turned into a movie but I don’t know how that works. It just so happened that this occurred to me while two major events happened. One of these is an announcement and the other is as well but doesn’t mean much I’ll let you decide. I have decided that I will be making another addiction movie based on my experiences traveling with this doc and it’s about Meth in society vs the individual story called Meth County in which I am considering trying it as a way to better tell this story and experience. I am not hard standing on the idea and will consult with doctors and treatment specialist. Between updating the book and this new doc I think my personal connection is missing and I don’t want to come off pretentious in that world. The research will be done before I dive deep into potentially the worse experiment I could think of. The other announcement is with Wifi at Rock Bottom (drum roll) the updated or second version of the book and audiobook which I will read has been contacted by publishing houses that want to publish it and be apart of making this even bigger. Of course, I want to make sure the bag is right but going from the self-published author but not an author to the published author is an amazing journey for me. A film that wasn’t ever supposed to be as well received as it has been also got me one step closer to Lionsgate giving me the call to turn it into a feature length drama. Do yall have my number? Hopefully, the bill is paid because that’s a call I do not want to miss. Kinda Famous!

Watch : Wifi at Rock Bottom : Something About Meth
Read : Wifi at Rock Bottom : Something About Meth

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