Savage U with YBM Smoove

You know sometimes you plan something and have a vision and idea and its all plotted out and then all of a sudden the whole house comes down and you have to catch up. That is basically the story of Savage U. I contacted YBM Smoove earlier this summer with an idea to help promote the release of his new album “Wichita Savage University 2” and everything was go. Problem was that I didnt have time yet and I wanted to let him finish the project first. Fast Forward I cant ever seem to have enough downtime to really work with anyone and that be the only thing I have going. What I have yet to talk about and I will tease here is that I will soon be releasing art work for sale as well as People Collector merch but we will save that for another time but visit I have also been working on the podcast along with creating a new show and my usual doings with EFC. All of this made it hard to give Smoove a date and it has been a game of chase the mouse. Smoove opened for Cali’s controversial rap star Blueface and the way he talked the days leading and after I wasn’t sure if he realized how much things had just changed for him. I also didn’t know how soon he actually planned to drop his new album and time was pressing to try and make the vision happen…

It didnt happen..

What we did get is something better. August 19th 2019 we walked into Midwest Blends a barbershop owned by ex NFL star Elbert Mack now known as rapper Skinnychipyatted seated with young rap artist Heavy, industry music producer SE Trill, local producer AJ on the beat, and the star of the day who released his new project WSU 2 YBM Smoove. I had friend and creator of America’s Front Porch Film Co. Nate Jones running the camera while Smoove and myself and contributors to WSU 2 not talk about the project but sat and talked shop. We talked the grind of the indie artist, the successes and failures, as well as giving tips around the room and for those watching on how to excel in the business of music. Smoove has put in 10 years of work to make this moment happen and this is his moment where the game has changed and he has crossed in a new tier of artist. That tier many artist fight to get to where you are the man of the city and you are no longer a “local artist”. Even tho I had this great plan I sat down and freestyled an interview that ultimately made for a great conversation with a room full of the artist talking about the hustle of wins and loses.

Check out Savage U with YBM Smoove, a 5 part interview featuring YBM Smoove on the release of Wichita Savage University 2 as well as additional conversation from SE Trill, Skinnychipyatted, AJ on the Beat, and Heavy.
Click HERE to Watch!

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