Still from Stay Home

Welp, we have been working on something new!!! I am turning a dream into reality! Cutting to the chase short film and micro-series “Stay Home” is in the works and is full steam ahead. I am excited and yet afraid to release this, to be honest. I have only

done narrative style work to make a point for a client or very casually without a lot of thought going into it. As you know documentary and promo work is my jam but it wasn’t why I started filmmaking. I am where I intended to be and with “Stay Home” it is a whole new horizon taking a script and translating the parts and pieces into a passionate body of work. This is now the true official narrative to come out of aRowe Films & Ent. and I will also say this is kind of a thriller.

“Stay Home” started as a dream that I had about this pandemic COVID 19 and a phone call I received from “From the Ground Up” collaborator Carla Ayala. When I woke up I said to myself, “I think I can pull this off”. I grabbed my phone and made video recording talking about the vision and the concept. I do this as a way to not forget the moment and develop a fresh idea on the spot. I pitch part of what I needed to Carla to send me some voice work. I quickly started designing up the look as a cinematographer. What will this thing look like??? I can not start a project if I can not see it. It does not matter if I have a script or treatment if I can not see the shots it is difficult for me to start. I do not want to reveal too much about “Stay Home” because I do not want to create too much mental basis to the short film. I will say that it will be released as a series. A 5 part micro-series released daily via the aRowe Films facebook page then it will be released as one seamless short film for film festivals if there are still any after this pandemic.

“Stay Home” when isolation stands between life and death. “Stay Home” is a short thriller directed by Lester LD Rowe about the a mans isolation and torture during a pandemic. Target Release April 2020.

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