Transforming for Stay Home


Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has watched Stay Home short film. The response has been amazing and bigger than my wildest dreams! I have a goal to get to 100k views we have a long way to go but I have faith! Making Stay Home was a transformative process not just from documentary to narrative but physically as well. I knew that I wanted to go method actor lite with this and show some real hair growth and 

bread mangle making this film to show how 14 days could progress. With Stay at Home orders in full effect, there wasn’t any way to get nice shave and haircut so the temptation was low.
Going into the shoot day for bathroom scene I had a decent growth on my beard and neck and my hair was long enough to look like many long nights. If you have been sick you knowthese feelings and the look I am going for. but because I wasn’t actually sick the look wasn’t full enough and I need the face to look the part. I asked a friend Kaitlin who is an amazing makeup artist for tips. I wanted to look sick and youtube wasn’t cutting it. There isn’t a 


lot of people of color showing special effects makeup and tips so having someone like her to reach out to was clutch. I wanted to get puffy to no avail. I wanted to get the redness in the eyes and tried a few tricks but there was only so much I was willing to risk when dealing with my eyes. I ended up settling on some different stress and shading techniques or lack thereof. One thing about video and post-editing is the extremes will often bet toned down in the editing or capture. I applied some version of makeup around the eye sockets and cheekbone to give a sleepless look. I followed that with doing similar around the mouth lines and pinch bridge of the nose. On the lips, I dried them out as well as applied a lighter tone of makeup to make them look cracked but it became a fail once it was blood in the mouth time.Lastly, I rubbed forehead and neck with vaseline and sprayed with water to give a sweaty effect and glisten. This was to give the feel of running a fever and get the sweats from that.
93853282_3002800456504335_4669697351420477440_oNeedless to say, this was a bit of a challenge learning something new and applying it in a way that would look effective on camera for the first time. It was really a bad idea that I look back on and have no idea how it worked out. Not only did I do it once I came back another day and shot the scene again because I wasn’t happy about how it came off visually with the camera angle.
After this saga, I have a newfound respect for women and the fact that they put on makeup on a regular basis and suffer through this process as part of a regular routine. I don’t know how they do it. I wanted to give up so many times. To all the women reading this I want to say you are a different kind of human with the patience of steel. Tell a friend and share Stay Home short film about the 14 day struggle one man has during a global pandemic. Isolation can be a killer. 

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