In Production: Let’s Talk

So in the middle of editing my newest short film GoodNight, I shot an interview with local DJ “DJ Fluid” we talked extensively about the music scene, his life, and the difficulties he faces trying to grow. It originally was about the rebranding I was attempting for the podcast but in the back of mind, I felt like there was something there that can be bigger. I could not put my finger on it. With the election coming up and the travesty that was the first 2020 un-Presidential debate, I wanted to figure out how to get out the vote and bring attention to it. Early in the pandemic, I would watch these special meetings by the county commissioners in Sedgwick county about the status of where things were headed in regards to covid.

Watching with soo much displeasure, I recalled a woman on that panel that seemed to always take a beating in the comment section of the live stream and seemed to be highly disrespected by the panel of men as well. Fast Forward, I wanted to reach out to her, Lacey Cruse, and see if I could get a conversation with an elected official. the concept was to have a conversation about voting and conversations on Covid that may reveal a lot more than what the public had understood. I thought she would decline as a public official but she accepted and it was a really good conversation with some twists and turns.

Now I have two interviews that feel like it’s something there. Whatever it is I have this instinct to begin to think big and what can I do within reason. Can I get TV spot? Should I make it a podcast? Should it be more produced? I turn into a full executive when it comes to projects because I never want to do the minimum. Then another opportunity popped up and now we have a new series on the horizon. More details to come but I am very excited to engage in some complicated and engaging conversations with this new project called Let’s Talk.

I am opening up advertising opportunities as this will be a multi media project.

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