In Production: Dusty Grant For You

New Project alert! Recently aka a month ago singer songwriter Dusty Grant contacted me about interest in me shooting the music video for his single “For You”. Initially I thought this must be a mistake because I have not shot a music video despite have a moderate desire to do so. I have been sprinkling music video styling in some of the shoots I have done with models but nothing serious enough to evoke interest. He said from my short film stuff and how I play with dark themes that he feels like I could be a good fit.

We set up a zoom meeting and really hashed things out and made a preliminary concept for the video. I could tell that Dusty was excited and was ready to put tire to pavement and get this thing going. For me (no pun intended) I wanted to put together a proper treatment and presentation. Sometimes words get lost and having something down on paper to say what the vision is and where do you wish to make changes or object to. A physical treatment helps make the world real as well as serves as reference material when you have so many moving pieces and parts.

I came with a treatment and vision, which I will share that with the official For You Vlog video coming soon, and needed to come up with a crew and a model for such an ambitious mission. For my first video instead of playing safe I wanted to be big. Take ideas that are in my head and figure out hot to do them effectively. If I am being honest I really want to make sure I show a creative and execution range that will justify the rates for anyone coming to me next with an idea similar.

I reached out to the model, our good friend Tosha and frequent collaborator Kenneth Linn to join and then scouted locations and more of this will be in the vlogs so I will not go on and on about it on here and things began to fall apart lol. Then day one of the shoot things came back together. How about a little behind the scenes shots of day one shooting at Shocker studios for the performance scene that didn’t require our model but a lot of setup for a low key minimalist look.

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