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Also aRowe Films is pinked out for Breast Cancer Awareness ladies early detection is the first step to saving your life.. find the nearest clinic and get a screening.


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Side Bar Thoughts…

Feels like I film more than i have time to edit. I want to make some upgrades to my editing lab along with equipment ideas but finding the time and brain energy to do is tough. I find out organization helps a lot. Who knew having an agenda would go so far. There is alot of good news to come but I am one to wait on those kinda announcements to make them part of a larger Continue reading

#savethedrivein by #honda


Honda has committed itself to helping save a slice of Americana by starting the project drive in campaign. This project is made to help what’s left of the drive in theaters in America and convert them to digital formats. More information can be found at
As a filmmaker I realized how important this is not only for filmmakers but for the American experience and because of that I have decided to start a new film piece to show my support. This will involve a visit to the Starlite Drive In Theater and I’ll leave the rest to be seen…

Learning as I go….

Seems to me one of the most complex things about film-making and more specifically Documentary film-making is the notion that the story is just handed to you. With my two films officially finished under my own imprint and the many other things I have independently filmed in this cinema verte’ format, THIS IS NOT EASY. The story Continue reading