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Beware Caveman : David Rickels (2014)

Coming off a devastating loss at the Bellator 113, David “Caveman” Rickels is out for redemption. David knows a significant change must occur in his training to impress his hometown fans at the Kansas Star Arena and if he wants to have a longstanding career at the top of the Mixed Martial Arts rankings.  In this two-part documentary short series, follow the Caveman 2.0 evolution in training and have unprecedented access behind the scenes at his Bellator 130 fight against Davi Ramos from the weigh-ins, fight night, and aftermath. Two Part Documentary Series.

WiFi at Rock Bottom : Something About Meth (2014)

You only think you know an addict until you get to know an addict.  Meet Amancha Coon of Winfield, Kansas a 20 something addicted to the most dangerous drug in the world. In just one year, Crystal Meth has destroyed every facet of life forAmancha. When you neglect your friends, family will not talk to you, get fired, and best friend dies all on your birthday what do you do? More meth.  Just one week before she enters her final try at rehab, Amancha details what life has been like as an addict.

Trim and Fade : A Barber’s Shop (2013)

Short Documentary film about a barbershop in Wichita, Kansas. Using a mix of interviews and on location filming in Cinéma vérité, Trim and Fade tells the story of the most diverse barbershop in Wichita with its owner Tyrell Rudolph. (Part 2 of the Wichita docu-series)

Saddle Above the Axle : A BMX Story (2013)

Short Documentary film about Damion Looney of Wichita, Kansas and his struggle to stay off drugs and out of trouble through his passion for BMX riding. Shot on location at the Wichita City Skate-park using interviews and stunt style filming. (Part 1 of the Wichita docu-series)

Honda’s Project Drive-In : Starlite Drive-In (2013)

To help bring awareness to the Honda #SaveTheDriveIn campaign, this piece was filmed in conjunction with the Starlite Drive-In theater of Wichita, Kansas. Project Drive-In is a promotion spearheaded by Honda Motors to donate digital projectors to Drive-ins across America that would be facing closure to the motion picture industry’s migration away from film projectors. Shot on Location at the Starlite-Theater.

Starbird-Devlin Rod & Customs Charities Car Show (2014)

Starbird-Devlin Rod & Customs Charities Car Show is one of the longest running indoor car shows in the country. 2014 was the 57th consecutive year this show has been held in Wichita, and it has become a Wichita tradition. 

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