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WHAT: From the Ground Up is a web-series created by filmmaker Lester LD Rowe of aRowe Films and Carla Ayala of Ayala Live Productions to tell the story of the urban music culture of Wichita, Kansas from the artist that help create it. From the struggle and the grind of getting heard to the pressures of living up to expectations of the fans and everything in between, From the Ground Up explores Wichita in a way that has never been seen. 
WHY: From the Ground Up is something that has never been done before about a culture that is seen in only one dimension. General interest in a subject like this high and we have maximized that our advantage by contacting artist that have some of the strongest fanbase in Wichita. We take a voyeuristic approach in the visual style as well as a candid interview technique with fly on the wall captures. Artist not only talk about the music but they also take deep dives into who they are as humans. This is a style that has proven successful by LD Rowe in his many documentary efforts as well has been a proven interest by the general public by the likes of VICE TV. This means a general audience will be able to digest it as well as the local audience who have followed these artists and will be sharing the full show and show clips out of support for their artist as well as the dynamic storytelling. This will expand reach for a sponsor
MAIN ARTISTs / CAST : Samuel David, YBM Smoove, Plainview, Piper Renee, and Soufwest Ent. (other artists are being considered and remain TBD)
WHEN: Target Fall 2018 Late October
DURATION:  Six 30 minute Episodes focusing on a single artist per episode with additional short episodes at ~10 minutes in length

Sponsor Breakdown 

Price for all 6 Full Episodes 
Episode break down
  • Pre roll ad 1 available (prime slot) SOLD
  • Opening /Segment 1
  • Break #1 ( 2 Ads )
  • Segment 2 
  • Break #2  ( 2 Ads )
  • Segment 3 
  • End ( all sponsors  will roll at the end in credits)
Price per episode vs 6 episode commitment
-Price Per Episode is $70 Break 1 or 2 (4 Slots total) 


-Price For Full Series $400 Break 1 or 2 (4 slots)
  • ( $50 added for non compete so that no brand similar to your brand is also featured in ad blocks ie if you are a clothing brand we will not run another ad for another clothing brand)
Due to the diverse nature of the show there will be an opportunity to pick which episode you would like to be inserted on if slot is available. For Example, if you feel your brand closely associates with one artist target audience than others you may pick that artist to have you ad run on.
-Price Pre Roll Per Episode First ad played before Episode $100 (1 Slot )
-Price Pre Roll for Series and Presented by Tag ie. “From the Ground Up Presented by Your Brand” (only available with full series commitment) $600 (1 Slot)  $700 for non compete  ( no similar brand will be advertised in the same episode )


Maybe you do not have an ad or commercial but still want to help us make this project happen because you believe in it the way we do. You can offer your services or talents to help in areas of opportunity and with financial backing. By doing so we will also give acknowledgment in credits of each episode as well as on all promotional materials where partners will be credited as well as shoutouts, shares, direct linking, and other places we see fit to return the scratch of the back.
Resources will be used for further marketing and promotion strategies and targeted expenses such as website domain and hosting, production incidentals, flyers, episode licenses for music, etc.   
With 2 Clips from FTGU two of the artist featured on “From the Ground Up” shared their clip only with their Facebook friends and within 24 hours of their post on received many views with great feedback. This shows great exposure potential. 
Additional Teasers:
Soufwest Ent. Teaser

Plainview Teaser

YBM Smoove Teaser