2014 Starbird-Devlin Car Show

aRowe Films Starbird Devlin 2014 Car Show

Starbird-Devlin Rod & Customs Charities Car Show is one of the longest running indoor car shows in the country. 2014 was the 57th consecutive year this show has been held in Wichita, and it has become a Wichita tradition.  aRowe Films very own L.D. Rowe was invited to attend and here is some videography from the charity car show event.

Starbird Devlin 2014 Carshow : 1954 Cadillac El Dorado 

Starbird Devlin 2014 Carshow : 1939 Ford Tudor 

Starbird Devlin 2014 Carshow : 1961 Chevrolet Corvette (Marilyn Monroe) 

Photos :

arowe films 2014 starbird devlin custom rods car 1

Starbird Devlin Custom Carshow 2 Starbird Devlin Custom Carshow 3 Starbird Devlin Custom Carshow 4 Starbird Devlin Custom Carshow 5



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