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  • Cinematographer
  • Photographer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Consultant
  • Director

“Every day life is a story that I was meant to tell…”

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I have been recognized, nominated and awarded in various Film Festivals for my work as an author, videographer and filmmaker. Additionally, I have generated additional traffic, sales, and revenue for various brands and promotions. Videographer, Graphic Designer, and Content Creator with experience with NLE software, Adobe Creative Suite and shooting video for online and broad marketing platforms as well as graphic assets. I have experience with various camera types including Canon DSLR and Panasonic Mirrorless. I love the challenge of brainstorming the psychology of brand awareness through digital media and executing plans that helps a company grow. I study trends to add and enhance my creative arsenal to keep a competitive advantage.


Adobe Creative Suite





Creative Director at Evolution Fighting Championship LLC
(2015 – Present)

– Produce visual promotion contents for MMA events 
– Shoot, edit, and organize fighter intro graphics and vignettes video packages 

Highlights :

  • Increased revenue by 15% (improved the creative presentation resulting in secured video streaming with FiteTV and FloSports 
  • Increased sponsor rates because of improved vignettes and video recaps and product placement 
  • Increased video viewing by almost 40%. Launched a cinematic web-series “Cageside” documenting fighters backstage and cage activities.
  • Maintained and updated fighters’ Social Media pages.

Videographer Graphic Designer Consultant for David “Caveman” Rickels
(2015 – 2020)

– My role with David “Caveman” Rickels is to create his promotional materials for fights, events, and Bellator promotions.

Highlights :

  • Significantly increased ticket sales by improving/enhancing video commercials and viral digital content.
  • Multiple film festivals nominations (“Evolve or Die” documentary) 
  • Increased global awareness of David Rickels with ”Beware Caveman” documentary (purchased and internationally distributed by Ananada Media).
  • Worked alongside his sponsorships to create collaborative media with Supplement World, Venum Sports Gear, and Bellator.

Director and Freelancer at aRowe Films
(2006 – current)

Curated aRowe Films Playlist

– “Wifi at Rock bottom: Something About Meth” documentary and book (nominated and won various filmmaker awards)
– Recognized at various film festivals with nominations and wins:

  • Saddle above the Axle
  • WiFi at Rock Bottom: Something About Meth
  • Beware Cavemen 
  • Caveman Evolved 
  • Evolve or Die

~ Recognized by BarberNet for my “Trim and Fade” documentary

~ Guest speaker at “1 Million Cups”

– Executive Producer of From the Ground Up : the Art of Music docu-series in collaboration with Carla Ayala’s Ayala Live Productions

– Real Estate Photography for JP Weigand

– Art Direction for recording artist Teleoso creating merchandise and promotional assets in conjunction with album release and promotional activations

1 Million Cups, Wichita F5, Power 93.5 FM, DepICT, Point Proven Podcast, KGSO 1410 AM

Behind the Scenes
Cook Book Design
Caveman Photo Manipulation
Long Distance Promo
Savage U – Interview
WiFi at Rock Bottom Documentary
Model Shoot
JP Weigand Commercial Shoot
Short Film Scene