Savage U with YBM Smoove


On a ten year journy of music making, YBM Smoove releases the sequal to his hit street album release Wichita Savage University 2. After having an amazing performance with Cali rap star Blueface the timing was right to release just days afte and we were there along with Super Producer SE Trill, retired Tampa Bay Buc and rap artist Skinnychipyatted, new producer AJ on the Beat, and a young emerging local artist Heavy to talk about the project. The conversation spun into one about what it means to be a local artist, promotion, struggles with being indie, and the busniess of the music industry. This is a conversation series every new artist should see.

Released :
August 23, 2019
Runtime :
45 min collection
Genre :
Shot by: Nate Jones
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