Stay Home| Short Film



STAY HOME , a short-film directed by LD Rowe and aRowe Films debut narrative short. Stay Home is one mans 14-day struggle in isolation as he copes with the torture of a rapidly spreading pandemic.

Key Cast: Lester Rowe & Carla Ayala
Written and Directed by Lester LD Rowe

Music by: Theme Song “United” by Teleoso and Know Shame 
Additional Songs by:
“Modern Day Slavery” by YBM Smoove
“S.O.S.” by Miss V

Released :
April 14, 2020

Living Our Rediculous Dreams @lordsislife
On the Rocks Premium Cocktails @otrcocktails
People Collector Brand #peoplecollector



Production Facts:

  • Rowe shot, edited, acted, and learned makeup for this film to respect the suggested stay at home quarantine order.
  • Hidden Easter Eggs within the film
  • The final scene was shot as one continuous shot
  • Production was over the course of 3 weeks
    Additional Details here: 



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