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Stay Home is one mans 14-day struggle in isolation as he copes with the torture of a rapidly spreading pandemic.


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Documentary Overview
Written and Directed by Lester LD Rowe
Key Cast: 
Lester Rowe & Carla Ayala
Running time: 11 minutes
Language: English

Music by: Theme Song “United” by Teleoso and Know Shame 
Additional Songs by:
“Modern Day Slavery” by YBM Smoove
“S.O.S.” by Miss V

Product Placements:
Living Our Ridiculous Dreams @lordsislife
On the Rocks Premium Cocktails @otrcocktails
People Collector Brand #peoplecollector

Released :
April 14, 2020
Watch Here:


Short Synopsis

STAY HOME, a short-film directed by LD Rowe and aRowe Films debut narrative short. Stay Home is one mans 14-day struggle in isolation as he copes with the torture of a rapidly spreading pandemic.

Directors Statement:

“As a creative, a major challenge is always how do we stay original and different while keeping an audience entertained. We search for new ways to approach a subject. With Stay Home, I was making my directing debut at a time where we were ordered into quarantine and this presented a new challenge that came to me in a dream. A frequent collaborator Carla Ayala had recently become ill and we were suspicious that it was Covid19. After a bizarre dream, I woke up and immediately grabbed my phone and recorded my thoughts as a video journal. I said to myself that I think I can pull off this solo mission at creating a short film completely shot by myself while being the central figure. I embraced the challenge. I learned a lot about myself and my filmmaking tools in this ambitious feat as well as makeup and special effects. I had become a full production staff. Unfortunately during production, the real-life effects of Covid19 were devastating America and disproportionately to people of color. Knowing this it changed my narrative slightly to present some undertones that made this project push into a new type of conversation albeit subtle. I wanted to non-aggressively highlight these evolving facts and the stress that the virus takes upon victims as well how mental health can push one to the brink.”

Production Facts:

  • Rowe shot, edited, acted, and learned makeup for this film to respect the suggested stay at home quarantine order.
  • Began shooting March 13th
  • Learned about the effects of Covid19 when Rowe contacted friends that he knew that fell ill to the virus.
  • Started off as a 5 part series and at the last-minute Rowe decided to make it all one piece.
  • The final scene had an audio malfunction in which Rowe had to redesign the whole soundscape from scratch. None of the final scenes audio was captured in real-time.





Crew Bios

Lester Rowe billed as LD Rowe (writer, producer, DP, editor & director)

Lester Rowe most often billed as LD Rowe is an award-winning American documentary film-maker, cinematographer and editor. His first documentary came in the form of a 13 minute short called Saddle Above the Axle : a BMX Story, about Damion Looney a troubled a BMX rider that used riding his bike as a way to stay clean and out of jail. Saddle Above the Axle was the first in what would be a string of local Kansas stories on alternative culture. Documentary films came as an accident for Rowe as he simply was a fan of documentary films. In addition to documentary films, Rowe has authored a book about his experience making his award-winning meth documentary WiFi at Rock Bottom as well as played host of his very popular Kinda Famous Podcast where he talks music pop-culture and the pressing issues of society. With a constant array of projects and hosting Rowe is never short of a new idea and is ready to execute at all costs.

Legit Flavor Podcast
4/20/20 :
The Range KMUW 89.1
5/01/20 :
KWCH NEWS 5/17/20:

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STAY HOME Watch Link:

aRowe Films on Twitter: @arowefilms

aRowe Films on Facebook:

aRowe Films website:

aRowe Films on youtube:

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