Stay Home Gets LEGIT!!

We were very pleased to join the crew of Wichita’s podcast Legit Flavor with Chris Key and Janee Alexander to talk about Stay Home short film and how the idea came and the deeper message behind the story. As well we talked about my future plans, my feelings on the response, and they play a few games to understand who I am better. Great talk check it out below!

aRowe Movie Club??!?

I am considering starting a Movie club via the facebook page with movie recommendations and discussions. I am not sure yet. Im always curious of what others see when they watch a film. Lets examine what we agree on but also what we disagree on. Got a small indie film others should see ? or a blockbuster that fell flat not because of the plot but because of the execution ?

Im still deciding on it but what ever I chose to do I hope all you reading will be apart of it!