Side Bar Thoughts…

Feels like I film more than i have time to edit. I want to make some upgrades to my editing lab along with equipment ideas but finding the time and brain energy to do is tough. I find out organization helps a lot. Who knew having an agenda would go so far. There is alot of good news to come but I am one to wait on those kinda announcements to make them part of a larger Continue reading

aRowe Movie Club??!?

I am considering starting a Movie club via the facebook page with movie recommendations and discussions. I am not sure yet. Im always curious of what others see when they watch a film. Lets examine what we agree on but also what we disagree on. Got a small indie film others should see ? or a blockbuster that fell flat not because of the plot but because of the execution ?

Im still deciding on it but what ever I chose to do I hope all you reading will be apart of it!