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The book based on the documentary or is it the documentary based on the book?? Wifi at Rock Bottom: Something About Meth the book is all the events that led to the documentary. Read in detail every event as it happened! Told through actual chat logs, emails, and text messages along with anecdotal reflections from the author, read in real time how Amancha turned into a meth addict and how a filmmaker got his film. Wifi at Rock Bottom the documentary is addiction how Amancha remembers it. Wifi at Rock Bottom the book is how the addiction actually happened. Order now on Amazon in paperback and digital ebook or reserve a copy of the Special Edition book  with DVD packed with extras here only (limited quantity)! More details to come on Special Edition reservations.

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Its a  pretty awesome feeling to know that you are creating something that people connect with. Its a better feeling to know that that work is consider something worth sharing to the people most affected by the topic. The site KLĒN + SŌBR which from what I can tell is very suburb in the way they handle the topic of addiction and recovery. The podcast is amazing and the site itself has alot of great content and direction to great content. It was an honer and surprise that not only Continue reading

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I am more than happy to tell everyone the ebook pre-order for Wifi at Rock Bottom Something About Meth the book is now available on amazon.com. The eBook and Softcover will both be available on Amazon.com and some local retailers April 21st. I personally appreciate everyone who has supported the long journey in making this happen but my biggest hope is that this book and doc also helps directly and indirectly benefit those dealing with addiction and recovery.

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Lets talk about Wifi at Rock Bottom the book

So Wifi at Rock Bottom Something About Meth  documentary has a book. Keeping it simple the book will be the same name as the documentary.

One thing  that has really struck me about this project different from others I have done is the connection people are having with Amancha. I get emails now on a regular basis from people who use to be addicts or current addicts going through a struggle similar to hers.  All I wanted was to make something people enjoy as a piece of art. I wanted people to say “Lester that one documentary you did with the girl on meth was really Continue reading