Lets talk about Wifi at Rock Bottom the book

So Wifi at Rock Bottom Something About Meth  documentary has a book. Keeping it simple the book will be the same name as the documentary.

One thing  that has really struck me about this project different from others I have done is the connection people are having with Amancha. I get emails now on a regular basis from people who use to be addicts or current addicts going through a struggle similar to hers.  All I wanted was to make something people enjoy as a piece of art. I wanted people to say “Lester that one documentary you did with the girl on meth was really Continue reading

time to talk about the next things…

wifi at rock bottom : something about meth book cover
Been a while?!!? Many things have happened. Things better served as its own announcement but has to do with a few ideas to develop with one including David the Caveman Rickels of Beware Caveman. Cant wait to begin the “In development” post about them as I am sure it will catch some eyes. Ok that was vague enough so lets move on.

I am lucky to not be so jaded by the form and structure of doing things the right way. I get to Continue reading