In Production 3.1 : #teamlaurad

At this point I have filmed my fair share of projects in my short run as a filmmaker and  you would think all mistakes I could make now would be minor. Leaving a lens or a battery pack or maybe forgetting to charge the field monitor battery before filming…At this point I wish that was the mistake I had made. Nope! Story TIME! Continue reading

ScreenCaps from “Saddle Above…”

Here are some screen captures from “Saddle Above : A BMX Story” short documentary. Since the blog is new I will be updating it with pages exclusively about the films and shorts I work on. Stay tune much more to come !


Ashampoo_Snap_2012.12.07_07h30m13s_007_ Ashampoo_Snap_2012.12.07_07h27m03s_003_