aMC #4 : Carnage

In this edition of aRowe Movie Club a picked a small film with big names.  Roman Polanski’s Carnage  starring  Jodie Foster,  John C. Reilly, Kate Winslet, and Christoph Waltz is a small one location film about two parents trying to iron out an incident that happen between their sons. This is a film for people who like acting . Its a build up that that depends strongly on the story and the actors ability to deliver. In this film its done with Continue reading

#savethedrivein by #honda


Honda has committed itself to helping save a slice of Americana by starting the project drive in campaign. This project is made to help what’s left of the drive in theaters in America and convert them to digital formats. More information can be found at
As a filmmaker I realized how important this is not only for filmmakers but for the American experience and because of that I have decided to start a new film piece to show my support. This will involve a visit to the Starlite Drive In Theater and I’ll leave the rest to be seen…