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WiFi at Rock Bottom

Something About Meth



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  • Short Synopsis
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Documentary Overview

Running time: 30 minutes

Language: English (with some English subtitles)

Format: HD 16:9

Writer/Director/Producer: Lester Rowe (billed as LD Rowe)

Original Music by: The Ben Burgess

Supplemental Content: Book of the same name with serve as a companion available soon after film release.



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Short Synopsis

You only think you know an addict until you get to know an addict.  Meet Amancha Coon of Winfield, Ks, a 20 something woman, that is addicted to the most dangerous drug in the world. In just one year, Crystal Meth has destroyed every facet of life for Amancha. When you neglect your friends, your family will not talk to you, you get fired, and your best friend dies all on your birthday what do you do? More meth.  Just one week before she enters her final attempt at rehab, Amancha details what life has been like as an addict.

Long Synopsis

Crystal Meth, also known as Ice, is considered by many the most dangerous drug in the world. In a very short amount of time, just casual use can take a prom queen type of beauty and turn it into a deteriorated facet of what was once considered beauty and make it vile. There is no cure or method that can cause one to detach from the addiction. Meth also has the highest relapse rate out of all other drugs. Gaining national exposure from TV shows like Breaking Bad, crystal meth is now a drug that is romanticized; however, it commands pathos to each story of the addicted.

Meet Amancha 26, from Winfield, Kansas, a small town located right outside of the air capitol of the world, Wichita. Amancha went from casual user to full blown addict in a matter of months. With her free-spirited attitude and a “try anything once” mantra, she went from smoking to snorting meth, and now to the most dangerous method: intravenous injection of the drug.  The rush and high of using meth is complete euphoria, according to Amancha, however, with great happiness comes great destruction.

In Wifi at Rock Bottom: Something about Meth, Amancha talks about that destruction from beginning to rehab, to relapse, from rehab to relapse again. She speaks about how this one drug caused her to lose her family, friend, job, home, sanity, and everything else in life we take for granted every day. Just one week before what could be her last chance of getting clean, Amancha faces her demons and tells it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Directors Statement:

Filming WiFi at Rock Bottom proved to be the biggest challenge I have ever faced as a filmmaker. After filming other projects, I usually would get hung up into making sure the sound was right or whether the video would come out correctly. I tend to do all my own DP [photography] work. In this film, neither of those would be a major concern like normal. In WiFi at Rock Bottom, the biggest challenge was getting it shot, period. It became a yearlong project just to get the first shot. One thing about full blown addiction is that you can’t really keep a schedule because you are at the mercy of the anarchist. Once she agreed to do the documentary, it became a struggle to keep Amancha at her word for availability. This was frustrating because we would set a date, and then she would disappear. At some point I realized I would need to have some compassion because there was always a strong possibility that Amancha could be dead from heavy use of meth. After going round and round in this cycle of filming, December 31st came. So on New Year’s Eve, she contacts me and I say “I’m coming to where you are at and we’re going to do this”. New Year’s Eve while others were getting ready to bring in the new year I was driving to Winfield, Kansas to film a story that I felt needed to be told.


Media: Stills

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Media: Videos



Amancha talks on if she believes if she will ever be clean.

Amancha talks about the struggle getting to her first run at rehab and the battle with getting clean or getting one more hit.

Amancha talks about being in rehab and around other addicts.

Amancha talks about being a glutton for punishment.

WIFI at ROCK BOTTOM – Teaser Reels – Teaser Playlist for WiFi at Rock Bottom : Something About Meth documentary on Youtube.com


Crew Bios

Lester Rowe billed as LD Rowe (writer, producer, DP, editor & director)

Lester Rowe most often billed as LD Rowe is an American documentary film-maker, cinematographer and editor. His first documentary came in the form of a 13 minute short called Saddle Above the Axle : a BMX Story, about Damion Looney a troubled a BMX rider that used riding his bike as a way to stay clean and out of jail. Saddle Above the Axle was the first in what would be a string of local Kansas stories on alternative culture. Documentary films came as an accident for Rowe as he simply was a fan of documentary films but one conversation with Damion sparked a  journey into documentary story telling from the mouth of those who lived it. Other notable work in the Kansas series is two other short documentary films Trim and Fade about Image Source barbershop the most diverse barbershop in Wichita and #TEAMLAURAD about a social media superstars 100 pound weight loss journey thats currently in post production. In addition to documentary films, Rowe is authoring a book about his experience trying to film WiFi at Rock Bottom. In it he will chronicle the struggle of getting the film shot and complete, along with first hand conversations with Amancha in real-time as she spirals deeper and deeper into crystal meth drug addiction.

WiFi At Rock Bottom: The Book Information:

Wifi At Rock Bottom the book chronicles the events prior to filming the documentary. The book starts about a year and a half before filmmaker Lester Rowe finally sat down to talk to Amancha about being an addict. The book is composed of emails, chats logs, and other correspondence between the two as Rowe attempts to get the film shot. In the most candid form Lester is open to his personal struggle with attempting to create a documentary about an active drug addict and helping a friend. Lester shares chats and emails of Amancha spiraling further into her addiction to crystal meth. Going from casual user to full blown meth addict, Amancha also goes into many unexplained hiatuses to only come back in even worst shape. Every moment and detail is shared in this book along with the candid thoughts of Lester’s creative process and personal struggles as friend of an addict to the most dangerous drug in America.



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